20 Unique Gifts Ideas That Tween Girls Actually Want

What’s the best way to find a great gift for your daughter? Look no further than this! When you’re searching out gifts, it can be hard knowing what will really appeal and resonate with her. We have taken all of those worries away by sorting through thousands upon thousand choices so that now finding an awesome present has never been easier – or more fun!! These are top 20 list goodies – check them out below:

1. To My Daughter Blanket Love Mom Dreamcatcher Sherpa Blanket

What a perfect gift for your daughter! It’s an exceptional blanket that will make any child feel loved and special. A practical way to show how much you care, this thoughtful present is also fun – with fun patterns of thoughtfully chosen colors in softest fabrics imaginable so they can cuddle up on those cold winter nights together as best friends sharing secrets beneath their favorite animal friend…Get design To My Daughter Blanket

2. DIY Bracelet Craft Kit

You and your friends will have a blast making these unique jewelry pieces. The best part is that you can customize them with different colors, patterns or shapes! Every girl needs some awesome bracelets to match her style- this DIY kit has everything needed for two people in one package so it’s easy enough even if someone doesn’t know how yet.

3. Harry Potter Encouragement Cuff

The Dumbledore Quote Cuff is perfect for preteens who need a little encouragement. Engraved with his famous quote, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on their light.” This item will lift any Harry Potter fan’s spirits and make them feel more confident!

4. Decorate Your Own Water Bottle Set

This is such a cool gift! Remember when we used to bedazzle our jeans? Well, this modern version of it for water bottles. The set includes one 17 ounce stainless steel bottle with seven sheets of rhinestone stickers and hundreds glitter gems so you can customize the design on them too- just like in old days .
My favorite part is that there’s still time left over at night or during lunch break from work because who doesn’t love spending their free time crafting accessories instead doing something else boring…like working.

5. Rosebud Salve Lip Balm Trio

These retro lip balms are perfect for any girl! They have just a hint of color and are moisturizing, soothing (great as an after-lunch scuffle), high shine treat or brow tamer. The three tin sizes include. 8 ounces each – making them the ideal gift to give this holiday season because everyone needs some extra love from time to again on those cold winter days when your skin needs some.

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

This camera is like the polaroid of today. It produces credit card size photos instantly and it’s perfect for any tween who loves instant gratification! This product comes with 40 film sheets, an accessory kit (including a custom case), various frames to make your own photo book out 60 colorful sticker boards as well – all in one package that will be on many parents’ Christmas lists this year.

7. Selfie Ring Light

Selfies are all the rage, but what good does your phone camera think it is if you can’t see yourself? This ring light might be one way to make sure that everyone sees how great YOU look in a selfie. It clips onto any smartphone and has an rechargeable battery so there’s no need for cords or charging cables!

8. Lego Architecture Skyline Collection

If you know someone who is becoming an architect, this Lego set would make a great gift. The 600-piece toy contains iconic buildings and structures from the Parisian skyline that your aspiring starchild could build to enjoy for years!

9. PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

These headphones are perfect for active people. They can be used while running, biking or any other cardio exercise to help you stay focused on your workout routine without having ears become sore from ambient noise! The battery life lasts 15 hours so there’ll never again need worry about forgetting chargers at home – just bring one with chugging power instead!.

10. Vinyl Stickers

The VSCO vinyl stickers are a fun and unique way to add some personality into your everyday life. Especially if you’re looking for that perfect gift idea! The 50 different designs can be used on anything from laptops, phones or headphones as well as hydro flasks- so no matter what type of person is sitting next in class they will feel inspired by these cute critters from behind their screens every day (and night).

11. Bean Bag Chair

The perfect chair for cuddling up with your BFF and watching a movie or doing homework! The bean bag is filled but it can be refilled when the filling compresses over time. This 33 x 30x 20 inch softie comes in several colors so you’re sure to find one that suits any room’s color scheme easily- not just what matches perfectly from behind its covers like we do here at Beanz4Bees!

12. Mad Mickey Disney T-Shirt

This t-shirt is for all you Mickey Mouse Club kids out there! If your favorite part about Disney movies and characters are their annoying attitudes, then this top will be perfect. It comes in charcoal or heather gray with sizes ranging from Small through 2X Women’s sizing so even those opinionated princesses can enjoy some humor at the expense of others’ feelings (sometimes).

13. Tie-Dye Velvet Scrunchies

This cool new trend combines two retro trends in one. It’s called the scrunchies, and they’re made of soft velvet material! There are six different colors (black thru white) for you to choose from so that every girl can find her perfect match… or just get them all because who doesn’t love an Oprah gift?

14. Cactus Neon Light

The cactus neon lamp is a fun way to make your night light or accent. The batteries are not included, but this cute little plant still makes for an interesting decoration! It measures 11 inch x 3+ inches which means you can place it just about anywhere in the house without worrying that its too big – perfect if have those hard-to reach places on top of furniture where we often find ourselves reaching around while trying NOT hit our heads against said objects

15. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Imagine the perfect karaoke machine – it’s a wireless microphone that can sync with your phone and play music! This thing is so awesome, you’ll never want to use another brush again.
I always thought carrying around an extra set of headphones was too much hassle when going out or just wanted some tunes without having them coil up on themselves while scrolling through songs…but now all I need are these little guys (and they’re light as Regular cigarettes) plus whatever else might be needed at home: food Court breakers?!

16. Color Changing Cinema Light Box With Letters

This lightbox is so much fun! It changes colors and comes with 244 letters, numbers and emojis. Plus you can use the remote control to change their colors; there are 16 different shades available in all- including some really cool ones like “aqua” for instance which isn’t typically seen on these types of devices (but who knows what might happen if we mixed it up).

17. Hooded Unicorn Bathrobe

If your daughter is a die-hard unicorn lover, this cozy robe will be perfect for her. The polyester fleece material makes it Machine washable and eligible to travel with ease! Don’t forget about our one size bigger recommendation – these run small so order up if you need an accurate fit.

18. How to Code: A Step-By-Step Guide to Computer Coding

If you have a budding STEM star on your hands, help her learn the basics of coding with this book. It has step-by -step instructions that teach variables and selection as well! The lessons go beyond just those two concepts to teach kids enough so they can create their own websites too!

19. Sequin Back Pack

This adorable bag is the perfect accessory for your next party. The sequins on this sparkling dress can be ruffled to give it a different look, and leather drawstrings will keep everything securely closed when not in use!

20. Hair Chalk

Every girl needs a good Halloween costume and I know that you’ll be the hit of any party when everyone sees your incredible outfit! These ten rainbow hair chalk pens will make for an adorable look, as well. They come with glittering gel to set them off perfectly or just use some regular old conditioner if styling isn’t important enough in your opinion… The light-up extensions are great too; they’re perfect additions if there’s more than one person attending who might want something fancy – say sister/best friend pairings? Add’l fun always reigns supreme around here so get creative by mixing styles!!