5 Keto Friendly Drinks

The Keto diet has been gaining popularity for a while now since it produces some pretty effective fat burning results. People on keto diets need to be really careful about what they eat and drink in order to keep their metabolism in a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process that basically has your body get its fuel by only burning fat. The diet is great for people who want to shed weight without losing their muscle mass or having to feel weak all the time. However, keto diets require more caution as well, you even need to keep a check on what kind of drinks you consume. Let’s look at some keto friendly drinks that will keep you fresh without upsetting your diet routine.

#1 Lemon Water

Plain water or sparkling water with lime or lemon juice is refreshing and has a negligible amount of carbs. A bit of citrus not only makes your water more refreshing, having a glass of lemon/lime water before a meal can also help reduce your appetite.

#2 Diet Beverages

People on a keto diet need to keep their carb intake to a minimum, meaning that they can have a soda or any other beverage as long as it contains minimal carbs. Diet beverages consist of artificial sweeteners that have zero carbs in them, making them keto friendly. There are some who believe that artificial sweeteners should be avoided since they increase your carb cravings, however there is not any evidence available to back up these claims.

To check whether a diet beverage is keto friendly, you can go through its nutrition label. As long a drink has less than 5g of total sugars or less than 20g of carb calories then you can enjoy it without upsetting your diet.

#3 Tea And Coffee

Adding fats into tea or coffee might feel like a guilty pleasure for some, but it is not unhealthy at all. This is because fats such as these do not introduce carbs into your drink. However, if you add milk and sugar into your tea or coffee then you will need to either start using artificial sweeteners or reduce the amount of milk that you use since milk and sugar both have carbs in them.

#4 Cow Milk

Milk does have carbs, but it also has an ample amount of protein. If you have half a cup of cow’s milk then you are getting around 6g of crabs and 4g of proteins, along with a number of other beneficial nutrients and vitamins.

#5 Keto Smoothies

Keto smoothies are a great source of wholesomeness and great taste and they are devoid of excessive carbs. You can find a ton of keto smoothie recipes on the internet, most of which substitute a milk base with nut bases butters or coconut oil. This base combined with leafy greens, low carb vegetables, and a dash of fruits can make a superb smoothie. You can add unsweetened almond milk or simply water to make your smoothie more liquidy.