How To Slice Smoked Salmon Like A Professional Chef?

If you are a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine, you certainly will not miss out on the smoked salmon dish. To finish this dish by yourself is a relatively tricky task. In this article, we will show you how to slice smoked salmon with detailed guidelines. Let’s dig into this post!

What Type Of Knife Used For Slicing Smoked Salmon? 

Before delving into slicing smoked salmon thinly, you should prepare a specialized chef’s knife to cut salmon. These knives are completely different from the regular ones that you usually use at home.

To help you prepare your cutting equipment faster and save your time, we will provide you with a list of functional knives for slicing salmon, or more specifically, slicing smoked salmon.

1. Dalstrong Granton Edge Shogun

dalstrong granton edge shogun

Shogun is one of the most familiar chef’s knives because of its light and flexible blade. By utilizing the Japanese high carbon steel billet, the blacksmiths enhanced this blade precision. They even coat its core with 66 layers of Damascus plating to prevent the knife from staining.

Thanks to its fairly balanced, comfortable, and agile features, Shogun is an ideal tool to slice whole salmon and other large cuts of brisket, ham, roasts, or poultry. 

2. Wusthof Gourmet Slicing Knife

wusthof gourmet slicing knife

When mentioning slicing knives, Wusthof is always at the top of the list. This knife is well-known for its sharp and agile characteristics, which offer reasonable flex and creates paper-thin, even pieces with just one single draw.

Due to its comparatively long blade, Wusthof is perfect for portioning large cuts of foods like salmon, turkey, or brisket.

3. Global Flexible Slicing Knife

global flexible slicing knife

Experiencing an ice set process of 56-58 HRC, this stamped knife has a unique curved blade. It’s a result from the honing work that shaped it to a straight line, then sharpened to an acute of 15 degrees on each side for excellent sharpness and slicing performance.

This tool comes with a sharp enduring cutting edge blade, high flexibility, and long narrow form. Hence, it offers a ridiculous flex to fit almost any food’s shape, especially for slicing salmon, roasted meats, or poultry.

4. Icel 12-inch Practica Granton Edge

icel 12-inch practica granton edge

Icel is outstanding with clean horizontal and smooth cuts just by one stroke. The more extended cutting blade and tall form make it a great option for slicing through salmon, large veggies and fruit or portioning pastries.

5. Mercer Culinary Millennia Granton 11-inch Slicer 

mercer culinary millennia granton 11-inch slicer

High-carbon Japanese steel contributes to Mercer’s excellent corrosion resistance and stain. Its edge is extraordinarily sharp thanks to the stiffness of 56 HRC and sharpness of 15 degrees on each side.

You can use it to separate your salmon into thin slices as you wish flexibly.

How To Slice Smoked Salmon? 

In a restaurant, there would be chefs serving salmon for you. However, if you decide to make this delicious meal yourself, you will definitely need to read the following instructions.

Step 1: Prepare A Specialized Knife

You should choose one of the knives from the list recommended above. This prep is very important because using the wrong tools will cause your salmon slices to crumble and break their structure.

Nevertheless, you can use your chef knife if you are not intending to spend such a budget on an item that you won’t use regularly.

Step 2: Keep Your Ingredient In Cool Conditions

Serving this dish in cool conditions enhances its taste. You should keep your salmon cool in the refrigerator while you’re preparing your cutting tools. The purpose of this step is to make your slicing process easier. One important point here is not to freeze your smoked salmon, just cool is enough.

Step 3: Put Smoked Salmon Onto The Cutting Board 

Place your salmon on a cutting board. If your right hand is your dominant hand, put the salmon facing you with its tail to your right side. The reason is that you need to slice the thicker part first and the thinner part later from left to right. 

Step 4: Slice Smoked Salmon

There are several ways to fillet smoked salmon, including D-cuts, the long sliced side, or unsliced.


This is the most common of the three methods above. As its name suggests, smoked salmon, after cutting, will have ‘D’ shaped slices. To do this, you need to cut from the back to the belly, including the delicious, rich brown meat of the salmon. Later, each slice is delicately stacked to recreate the appearance of its original facet.

Long sliced side

The modern technique also writes lateral slices, enabling you to create long thin smoked salmon slabs by cutting the salmon lengthwise. If you don’t like brown meat, you should use this method.


This method allows your salmon to keep its original flavor and precipitation considerably more than sliced ones. You can find the more intense smoked taste remains on your fillet.

Whichever method you use, you must carefully remember the following knife method.

  • Place your knife about a quarter of the length of the fish and hold it just about flat so that it creates an angle of about 10 degrees. Making the knife nearly cuts inside of your salmon.
  • Slice the smoked fish while moving to and fro simultaneously while gradually moving your knife to the tail end.
  • Note that you can cut your salmon the way you want, but most people prefer thin slices. Your slices are only thin when you see your knife through them.

Watch this video below to learn on how to slice smoked salmon:

How To Serve Smoked Salmon?

Without a doubt, smoked salmon is a favorite of several foodies. If you have never tried it before, here are some ideas to enjoy this delicacy in the most chilled style.

  • Dish 1: Smoked salmon and white asparagus with a touch of hollandaise sauce.
  • Dish 2: Smoked salmon with a side dish of brie cucumber chunks.
  • Dish 3: Smoked salmon and cucumber ribbons with avocado toast.
  • Dish 4: Smoked salmon and toast with soft blended eggs
  • Dish 5: Smoked salmon served with sour cream, tomatoes, and baked potatoes in loads.
  • Dish 6: Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon.

In A Nutshell 

Basically, slicing smoked salmon is not too difficult. You can slice it in three common ways, including D-cuts, the long sliced side, or unsliced.

Above we have guided you through how to slice smoked salmon with the most detailed outline. If you tend to cook this delicious dish, these guides and recommendations will certainly be useful for you. We hope that after reading our post, you will have a chill time tasting smoked salmon with your beloved.