Funny Gifts for Men Who Love a Good Laugh

Funny gifts for men are tricky to find because you have ride of their sense Humor and ability not take life or himself too seriously. The follows should appeal them with a hearty laugh, choose any is great as an presents-he’ll remember it long time!

1.Custom Face Boxers

Our custom face boxers are made of 95% polyester + 5%. The premium fabric provides comfort and durability, as well a lasting fit that will last through your daily activities from work to play! They’re perfect for sleepwear or any other occasion where you need something light weight with breathable materials.

2. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

What better way to while away the hours than with this cool new potty putter mini-golf game?
Mens’ love for sitting down on their toilets is well known, so why not give them something useful and fun! The Potty Putter includes 3 unique clubs that are shaped like golf balls. It’s an easy game – just try your luck at hitting different targets around the course (you’ll have about 2 minutes per hole). You can also play against friends or family members by using two controllers simultaneously; there’re even challenges available if you want more of a challenge

3. WTF Nifty Notes

This pad of WTF Nifty Notes is perfect for the home or office, and will allow you to make sense out any situation with just a little wit and humor.

4. Boston Terrier on a Bike

This adorable cotton shirt is the perfect way to show off your love for all things Boston Terrier! The soft fabric and stretchy design make it easy on, while still being fashionable.available in colors that will match any outfit or mood. This super cute t-shirt features an illustrations of this clever pup riding his bike with hearts around both handlebars proving he’s got plenty room inside him too ride through life happy ever after…

5. Affirmators

When you need a little inspiration, but don’t want to feel like an emotional brick. These cards will get your wheels turning and mouth watering with all of the good deeds that are waiting for him (or her) on every page!

6. People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book

Who knows? You might find yourself becoming more colorful after viewing this coloring book. Full of flamboyant bargain hunters, it’s the perfect way to give your opinion on what he’s missing out there in Walmart town!

7. Pet Sweep

When he opens up this box of laughs, all that will be inside is a couple pairs dusting slippers for dogs. But wait! There’s something more… hidden in each pair – some yummy treats to keep his sweet tooth satisfied while he enjoys himself with these hilarious gags!.

8. Awkward Family Photos

This book is a gold mine of awkward family photos that you’ll can treasure forever. It features pictures so mortifying, they’re almost cute!
A perfect gift for any man-weighted down with household duties who has no time to waste on silly things like taking surveys or filling out forms at his bank branch , this hardcover collection will have everyone in stitches when he shows up looking like death warmed over after being mugged by leprechauns (or something equally as tragic).

9. Butt Quack Boxers

These comfy boxers are a great gift for any guy who loves novelty underwear. They come in 100% cotton and can be machine washed, making them easy to clean! The flies on these babies have buttons so you don’t need extra fabric holding it all together when taking your clothes off or putting them back on after washing (no more fishing around). There’s also an adorable print at the rear which features two ducks quacking along with “Butt Quack” written between them – perfect name considering what we spend our time doing: gardeningfully

10. Tears of My Enemies Hip Flask

Imagine the feeling of power as you walk down any street with this stainless steel hipflask in hand. The words “Tears Of My Enemies” adorn one side, and on top is an image that says ‘ Powerful Men Will Enjoy Carrying This’. It’s time to start drinking responsibly!

11. Toilet Timer

When you need to take care of business but can’t find enough time in your busy day, use this toilet timer. The man on the cover has five minutes before he starts getting hollering at with an irritated expression plastered across his face as if yelling “I’m sick! Help me!” It’s perfect for anyone who loves being Poop Patrol or having their home cleaned by someone else once again (especially since we all know how much our loved ones hate doing these things).

12. Fa La La Llama Ugly Christmas Sweater

Nothing says Christmas like an ugly sweater! This one is anything but. Pre-shrunk so it won’t lose its shape, the soft sweaters come in 8 different colors with a cute little llama wearing festive pullovers that have fun versions of well known lyrics on them—what more could you want?

13. Laser Kat Vac

He doesn’t need anything, he just loves surprises! This year try giving him a box of chocolate covered strawberries or maybe an expensive watch. Just make sure that when he opens it up and sees what you thought was the real gift (a vacuum cleaner!), there’s nothing inside but some paper-looking stuff with words on top telling how much fun this would be for everyone if only they gave “x” amount every month and then listing all sorts options where x could range from $10-$500

14. Wake & Bake Griddle

He’s going to be simultaneously delighted and disappointed when he gets a empty box, which looks exactly like the ones that come with Wake & Bake Dream Griddle Alarm Clocks. Inside is actually your real gift: an amazing alarm clock for breakfast as soon as you wake up!

15. Beard Grow XL

With 30 servings in the bottle, these capsules are rich in vitamins and minerals that have been known to encourage hair growth. With 100% vegan or vegetarian ingredients like Vitamin E ,Folic Acid Vitamins B6 &B12 Beard Grow XL can help you grow your facial hairs faster than ever before!

16. Funny Shirt for Geeks

“I know you’ve been thinking about it for hours, but let me explain this again in case there were any doubts. The more time we spend on our computers or phones the less human interaction we have with other people; sometimes even just a quick conversation can make all of your day! So next conference call tell that guy he looks good (even if he doesn’t), then go ahead and hit send before realizing what happened.”

17. iArm

You can keep the suspense going right up until he opens his gift with this funny prank iArm box. Designed to fool him into thinking you’ve given him a strap-on forearm mount, it looks realistic but will actually be hiding your real (and hopefully better quality) present!

18. Redneck Backscratcher

When he opens his gift, you will be able to reveal the real present. This funny pranking iArm box is designed for people who want an easy way of getting revenge on their partners and friends! It looks really realistic but what’s inside might make it worth playing along with this unique idea – maybe something about how much better off they could’ve been if only someone had helped them out earlier?

19. 16-Color Toilet Night Light

The toilet light is a must-have for any bathroom. The 5 foot detection range will prevent you from getting up in the middle of night, and 16 colors to choose from make this accessory something that can be easily integrated into your décor!

20. Deez Nutz Scented Candle

Give him the most delicious of scents with our Deez Nutz candle. This three-layer wax blend features banana nut bread, toasted coconut and hazelnut fragrances that will have your man feeling like he’s in heaven! Plus, it packs an 80 hour burn time for all those long nights spent together reading by light or doing other things couples do before they go off into private spaces on their own accord…