Gas Pump Restoration

Route 32 Auction is a family-run company in Crawfordsville Indiana owned by Kevin Parker. Route 32 Auction specializes in any petroliana and automobilia related antiques for collectors. They also offer auction for antiques on-site, online and even through phone. They even have a full restoration shop at their showroom and can restore anything from gas pumps, neon signs, kiddie rides, air meters and much more.

Gas Pump Restoration

It’s been over a century since the invention of gas pumps. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs. The major driving force behind gas pumps was the invention of automobiles since they provided a handy method for dispensing fuel in automobiles to keep the engines running.

Initially they were operated by hand pumps but as technology progressed they became electrified. Even with all the innovations in gas pumps their primary purpose to date remains the same and that is to dispense fuel.

Among collectors gas pump restoration is very popular. The process however, requires preciseness and time but it is not that difficult to do. Although it not a lengthy process it requires about 80 hours of work time from the start of the process to the end. Many have turned this hobby into a profession some do it themselves others turn to a professional for help since the restoration of gas pumps provides a hefty profit.

Route 32 Auctions provides a high level restoration of gas pumps. They can restore your gas pumps and even provide a catalog of gas pumps that have yet to be restored, you can always pick one out and they will restore it for you. Their gas pump restoration services include painting, smoothing casting, metal work and much more.

If you are thinking of restoring a gas pump you can always turn to Route 32 Auction for help.