Keto And Autism

We joke about autism all the time but in reality, autism is actually one of the most complex conditions known to us. Every year, more and more children start showing signs of autism and thus the battle against autism continues. To put things into perspective, about 30 years ago only one in every 2,000 kids would have autism. Want to know where the numbers are now? These days autism prevails in one in 68 children in just the United States alone.

There isn’t a lot we’ve learned about autism over the past 40 something years. Only now have we started looking at the disorder under the scope of science, because of how prevalent it is now. The answers are still waiting to be found but from what little we’ve found about the disorder, autism develops from a combination of influences, including the child’s environment, genes, and other influences.

There are too many external stimuli that can bring out the disorder in even those individuals that have absolutely no family history of autism. So basically, all children are exposed to the risks of autism. The good news is that recent studies have proven that the symptoms of autism can be greatly reversed in mice when given a ketogenic diet. It gets better. In a study with 30 children with autism, 18 were seen with improved behaviors.

If your child is starting to show behaviors that are like those that manifest somewhere on the autism spectrum, then a change in diet can be very effective. In fact, your best course of action might be to look up the best exogenous ketone supplement for improving autistic behavior in children. It’s not too late to help save your child from a lifetime of struggles.